What is the HPCL Instafuel Card?
The HPCL Instafuel Card is a magnetic strip based pre-paid card operated in partnership with VISA, offering a unique mode of gifting.
How soon after I get the card can I use it?
You can use the card only after it is activated. Usually it will take 10 working days. Once the card is activated, an SMS will be sent.
How do I know what value is loaded in the card?
Please call ICICI Bank Call Center (turn over leaf for numbers) whenever you want to know the value of amount loaded on the card.
What is the maximum amount loaded in the card?
Each HPCL Instafuel card can be loaded with a maximum amount of Rs. 5000/-. New card will be issued for loading additional amount.
Where all can I use my HPCL Instafuel Card?
You can use the Card only in HPCL outlet which has ICICI Credit Card machine.
Are there any transactions for which I cannot use this card?
The card cannot be used to withdraw cash. You can use it at any ICICI authorised HPCL outlet that accepts VISA cards. Fuel surcharge is
applicable on card usage (for use at ICICI- HPCL outlets, the surcharge will be reversed within 4 working days). ICICI Bank & PAYBACK
reserve the right to charge you or block the card for any unauthorized use of your card.
Can the value of the card be topped up?
The HPCL Instafuel Card is a one time load card and cannot be re-loaded.
Is there a fee levied for the use of the card?
No, there is no charge on the usage of the card. However, there are charges for its re-issue in case you lose this card.
How do I know the balance on my HPCL Instafuel Card?
To know your card balance, simply call ICICI Bank 24-hour Customer Care.
Can I transfer funds from one card to another?
No, you cannot transfer funds from one card to another.
Will I earn PAYBACK points on the usage of the HPCL Instafuel Card?
Yes you will, provided you also use your PAYBACK card during payment.
What does a HPCL Instafuel Card kit contain?
The card comes in a card kit along with the following:
A User Manual: With ICICI Bank customer service numbers and instructions on how to use the card.
Envelope: With the following instructions on the seal “Please do not accept if seal is broken”.
What should I do in case my card is lost / damaged?
Step1- For lost/ damaged card reporting, call ICICI bank to block the card.
Step2- Call PAYBACK Contact Center for re-issue of the HPCL Instafuel Card.
What should I do to prevent unauthorized usage if I lose the card?
Your HPCL Instafuel Card comes with zero lost-card liability after its loss has been reported. Hence report loss of the card to ICICI Bank Customer Care as soon as you come to know of it. Your card will be blocked and thus prevent any further usage. Please call PAYBACK Contact Center for a replacement card.
1860-258-5000 (Local call charges apply)
You can also write to membercare@payback.in